i've been to home depot twice and it's only 9am

It is inevitable... the dreaded "look at the ceiling at 10:53 PM at night after a long day of painting and knowing in your heart of hearts that it is WRONG." I bought the samples, tested it on the walls, checked it out during different times of day. I did everything right but it still turned out too blue. Blue is actually one of the hardest colors to get right, especially on a ceiling. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. One wrong shade, and it turns into a child's playpen. I had landed on Portola's "Heron Blue" based on the paint samples and some very convincing photos:

And lots and lots of testing. And then I walked into this....

Metaphorically, I wanted this:

but got this instead:

(photo courtesy of Amazon Prime's "Fleabag" -- probably one of the funniest, laugh out loud scenes in streaming television in the last year).

Now, like me, you might be tempted to think that you can live with it. That it's not that bad... you just need to put up some artwork and it will look... fine. Just fine. And this is bound to happen a lot when you're taking design risks, like me. What is even riskier is buying paint from specialty paint manufacturers like Farrow & Ball or Portola. You can't just order up more paint and have it ready by the 7AM start time.

But I'm here to tell you that if this happens to you -- everything is going to be okay... just take a deep breath and head over to Home Depot and they will be able to match ANY Farrow & Ball shade if you have the name. Luckily, I have every shade memorized along with having dozens of samples, so I was able to come up with a replacement this morning. At 6:30AM.

Why Farrow & Ball? They have some great marketing, first of all. Part of their appeal is their "natural pigmentation" and higher quality coverage. However, for my purposes Behr Marquee will do. Our painters actually prefer Behr to F&B because -- in their words -- it has more coverage and is better quality. Go figure! But still, I love F&B for one simple reason: their 132 color palette is undeniably exquisite.

I'm also very proud of my husband. You see, we have a deal in our relationship. "PB" (as I'll call him right now since he's a very private person) is not an interior design guy. He does not enjoy looking at endless samples and colors and agonizing over final decisions. That's my job. I do the research and I present him with the top selections when I have come up with enough to make a decision. He then tells me his favorites and I tend to agree with him. He's got a good eye actually because he's an artist in his own right. That way, he has some say in the designs and I don't overwhelm him with too many choices.

Typically when a decision has been made, he is very enthusiastic and tells me how much he loves it. And half the time, I believe him. However, after a few hours living with the blue ceiling color, I confessed to him that I was not in love. Normally, when I press him, he tries to convince me to live with it. But this time, when I asked for his honest opinion with the promise of no argument, he told me honestly and point blank: "It's too blue. It ruins the vibe." I could have married him all over again, I just needed to hear that honesty.

"What's the vibe?" you must be asking yourself. Muted, relaxed, traditional but with a twist.

So that explains the first trip to Home Depot... the second trip was because the painters forgot to tell me they ran out of Brinjal, so off to the paint counter I went where they have every F&B color already logged in their system. What a life saver at 8:15AM after getting up at 6AM! If my friends are reading this, please understand why I won't answer my phone today unless it's an emergency. I'm in a puddle on the couch, and hopefully napping by the time I hit "Publish."

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