My Design Inspiration

Howdy! How are you today? Meh? Okay. Well, when I need something to beautiful to look at and inspire me (besides my own house), I love the following designers:


Natalie Papier is the genius behind Home Ec. Coming across her design was like a 1950s teenager listening to The Beatles for the first time. Nothing will ever be the same for me after seeing her gorgeousity unfurled on my eyeballs.

This lady opened up my mind, HARDCORE. Those ceilings, those colors, the WALLPAPER. She's alright.


Emily was my first. Before her, I relied mostly on my mother's sense of style and what I could afford. She taught me to reach higher, deeper, farther (mostly my wallet). I also met her once and she is one nice chick. It was pre-dawn at the the Rose Bowl Flea Market and we were discussing a mid-century turquoise little number. That's how nice she really is and I am so happy for success, she deserves it.

This was the living room that did it for me:

Since I was just design baby, I literally bought or copied everything in the picture. Moroccan shag rug? Kaching! Colorful throw? Kaching kaching. Sadly, my very white, very absorbent rug did not last through my cat's selective throw-up bouts, so we got rid of it. But she definitely made a convert out of me!


Technically, Ms. Ford is way too cool for me. She is one of those ladies who can dress like a man but still come off as ultra-feminine. How does she do it? Well, her style doesn't wear her. It is simply WHO she is.

Let me get my slurp bucket because I'm drooling so hard. I look at her designs and I feel like I'm a pre-schooler just learning how to color. But then I remember: that's her. And I'm me. And I don't think I could live in one of her houses, not because they are not utterly drop-dead LOVELY, but because I would not feel like myself.

But Ms. Ford, if you would like to design my house, I would not stop you. In fact, can you move in and can we best friends?

Honorable Mentions:

Being that I love most styles, I follow a lot of people on Instagram.

Maximalism: my favorite group is @FearlessInteriors

California Modern: Amber Interiors @amberinteriors

Design Porn: This is purely for inspiration @archdigest

Affordable Fun Design: @dominomag

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