dining room progress

Hello! How are you? This is my first "in progress" post so forgive the rough pictures and mess. But isn't that the point? It would be like taking pictures "before" pictures of a semi-fit person and then posting "after" pictures that look like they were done in the same day. And yes that happens ALL the time in the fitness world.

It's also funny that my first post about my new house is about The Dining Room. Like many modern people, I eat most of my meals at the breakfast nook and quickly, like I don't have time to even chew, before I move on to the next thing. The Dining Room seems like a holdover from an old Victorian age, for a civilized people to have civilized conversations. Hardly a place for me in my comfy albeit expensive sweatpants.

But then I had a vision... what if I actually made a place for my friends and husband to sit down and actually TALK about our day? Such a ludicrous concept now since I basically know what my husband has been doing since the moment he woke up. But what if?????

When we first moved in, the family before us used this space as an office and had some VERY nice cabinets. It was a big gamble to tear them down for a room that I will probably never use.

Also, the space is not huge for a house that has an ample 2500 sqf. But just look at the ceiling and the window! Right next to the kitchen, too! It had to be a dining room. Something has to be done...

So here's our progress so far:

And here's the plan:

And then tons of artwork, not all of which I have photos for because I either bought them at a flea market or commissioned them or who knows at this point. Let's just say GIRL LIKES TO COLLECT ART. You can see in the last photo one of my pieces that everyone says looks like me but it isn't... I guess that's a complement?

I also debated whether I should go with something more organic like this:

But instead I opted for the Jonathan Adler Meurice glamour-puss. He's structural. He's reflective. He's modern (not contemporary). And yes He is a He. Beautiful sparkly things can be masculine too, and He is the perfect example. He's the Brad Pitt of lighting. Plus I felt it makes the space more formal.

One other thing that factored into my lighting selection was the huge friggin living room chandelier:

This baby is an entire planet and it is visible from the dining room and vice versa. I wanted to keep it in the same finish (even though I am a big proponent of mixing finishes).

I also would never choose this type of chandelier even though it is very pretty. It's just not my style and I get castle vibes from it. However, instead of throw it out, I'm deciding to adapt. When we get to the Living Room re-design, we'll get to that discussion.

...Something has to be done about that lighting fixture over the door that looks like a Gogo Yubari's Chain Mace...

I also got a lot of very well-groomed raised eyebrows from my friends who helped me choose the green paint (Portola Troubadour). Yes, I want it that dark in there. Yes, I want to paint the ceilings. Yes, yes, YASSSSS! I needed the space to be its own unique little comfy cozy next to the giant living room (remember, I came from 1600 sqf and I did all of my living in one room). You see how much light it gets from the back yard? Plus, I also have a rather sizable kitchen, breakfast and TV area in the back of the house FILLED with light all day long. Time to give this white canvas some luscious moody library feelz.

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